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Beach Town trailer

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World premiere:

Seattle International Film Festival 2015.  

Festivals and screenings

Seoul International Youth Film Festival (Korea), Hell’s Half Mile Film and Music Festival (Michigan), Bellingham Music Film Festival (Washington), Kino Palais Neuvo Wave series. (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Northwest Film Forum (Seattle, USA), Alta Fidelidad Ill Muestra de Cine Documental Musical (Bogota, Colombia) , Seattle International Film Festival (USA)

Watch Beach Town on evrgrn

Visit EVRGRN, a lifestyle channel from actor Tom Skerritt showcasing timeless stories, artists, and music from the Pacific Northwest to watch Beach Town, a rock and roll beach movie of the mind! Ah, the lazy days of summers of yore!

Note: films on evrgrn are automatically populated with commercials. Groton Bridge Films does not condone or support any product or message in these commercials.

“Best of the Fest..

..nails the dynamics of a rinky-dink music scene in a small town ... Great original songs.”

(Tony Kay, The Sunbreak)

“Retro charm...

A briny, wistful quality.”

(Brian Miller, Seattle Weekly)

"The Two-Lane Blacktop of beach movies" 

Inspired more by films like People on Sunday (1930) than Frankie and Annette, Beach Town is a rock and roll beach movie of the mind -- an unabashedly atmospheric look at the lives of young people whose art is ineffably linked with their surroundings in a low-rent coastal community.  

Shot entirely in Seattle, USA in glorious, Super-16 color film, Beach Town also features an upbeat summertime soundtrack of over 30 original songs.

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