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Lake Street 


Trailer for Lake Street Detective (c) 2017

Screenings: Clinton Street Theater, Portland; The Grand Illusion, Seattle; Turf Club, St. Paul;  Hook & Ladder Theater, Minneapolis;  Cinema Minneapolis touring festival (various) The Mall of America; The Parkway Theater; Film Noir Cinema, NY

Cast includes:

Paul D. Dickinson

Hillary Churchill

Erik Belgum

Megan Roesler

Frank Rawlings III


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"A really fantastic film... I love this film so much.. I most highly recommend (it) to everyone!" - Cyn Collins, KFAI radio 

"Recommended" - The Stranger


LAKE STREET DETECTIVE stars Paul Dickinson ("wonderful" in Tired Moonlight (2015) - New York Times) in a low tech comedy about a poet-detective searching a Midwest metropolis for a mysterious thief -- from high society, to the underground, and beyond.

A unique piece of regional filmmaking, LAKE STREET DETECTIVE is a collaboration between Seattle filmmaker Erik Hammen and a cast of Minneapolis’ most interesting artists and performers, including Hillary Churchill (htdgblg), Erik Belgum (Wave Farm), Megan Roesler, and Frank Rawlings III.

The result is a sort of Midwestern, punk rock take on Robert Altman's "The Long Goodbye" -- a laconic, humorous film about character, class, and the hard-scrabble Minnesota art life. 

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