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Time of

the Robots

Watch the first three minutes of Time of the Robots!

Time of the Robots (2012) is an epic silent space opera about a robot-based alien invasion.


It's a new silent sci-fi B-movie,  made from B-movies, for people who love B-movies! 

Featuring unique visuals created by meticulously modifying and editing thousands of hours of silent and serial film footage, Time of the Robots uses an original  story, musical score, and sound design to create a new experience highly reminiscent of early cinema.

"...a rip-roaring narrative" (City Arts Magazine

"...wonderfully joy" (Garen Daily, New Hampshire Public Radio)

"...idiosyncratic " (The Oregonain)

"...bustling good fun" (Northwest Filmmakers' Festival

"A uniquely imaginative, bizarrely delightful narrative that creates a new experience highly reminiscent of early cinema" - Beckie Stocchetti 

Festivals and Screenings   -   Northwest Filmmaker's Festival, LoneStar Con, Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival, Grand Illusion Cinema

World Premiere   - Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival    

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