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Escape from the humdrum quarantine with nationally and internationally screened short films, free for the watching, courtesy of yours truly, Groton Bridge Films


The Boulevard of Semi-Reconstructed Dreams

The Last City in the East



Ah, the lazy summer days of yore!


This one-of-a-kind, internationally-screened film is like Two Lane Blacktop meets Frankie and Annette, if those two crazy teens were perhaps a bit nicer to each other, and more chill. 

Now you can watch the film for free on EVRGRN, a lifestyle channel from actor Tom Skerritt, showcasing timeless stories, artists and music from the Pacific Northwest to watch Beach Town, "a rock and roll beach movie of the mind", and it's absolutely free (with commercials).


A sort of Midwestern, punk rock take on Robert Altman's "The Long Goodbye", Lake Street Detective is a laconic, humorous film about character, class, and the hard-scrabble Minnesota art life.  

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