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Cinema Minneapolis

We are very excited to be screening April 28 with CINEMA MINNEAPOLIS - debuting right here in Seattle at the Grand Illusion. Cinema Minneapolis is a collection of humorous and critically-acclaimed films about underground metalheads, private investigators, non-Scandinavian families, and the cyclical nature of the world, from the cultural mecca of midwestern America.

Saturday April 28

* 2pm * Driver 23

(Rolf Belgum, 2000) Whitney Biennial, Sundance Channel, Winner of 9 National/International Film Awards. Legendary film about an unknown heavy metal guitarist who struggles with all sorts of musical, physical and mental problems in his quest to finish his magnum opus album, and duct tape his way to rock and roll stardom. (screens with "Portal") * 4pm * Lake Street Detective

(Erik Hammen, 2017) Paul Dickinson ("Wonderful" in Tired Moonlight (2015) - New York Times) stars in a low tech comedy about a poet-detective searching a midwest metropolis for a mysterious thief -- from high society, to the underground, and beyond. (screens with "Ice rink at night") Sunday April 29

* 7pm * Marvin, Seth and Stanley

(Stephen Gurewitz, 2012) A droll, bittersweet Minnesota-Jewish story about family dysfunction, with Alex Karpovsky (Girls) "extraordinarily touching and quietly hilarious" - The New Yorker (screens with "Throwdown") * 9pm * The wake of a second cook. (Rolf Belgum 2016) “A remarkable hybrid of art and life almost requires an entirely new definition of filmmaking.” - Vancouver International Film Festival (screens with "The works and days of hands") Features will be accompanied by short films by award-winning experimental filmmaker Kevin Obsatz (Anthology Film Archives, Cannes Film Festival)

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