More photos from Lake Street Detective/Cinema Seattle!

Hillary Churchill (Lisa) was in attendance and I managed to get some photos of her at the festival. Cinema Minneapolis was recommended for the weekend by Seattle alternative weekly The Stranger, and all of the films, Driver 23, Lake Street Detective, Marvin, Seth and Stanley, and In the wake of a second cook (plus shorts!) were very well received. Here she is outside the Grand Illusion Cinema... Hillary and myself out for pre-show beers at the excellent Flowers bar down on 43rd and University. Flowers is a great old-school, frat-free bohemian with no TVs, cheap food and drinks! And a mirrored ceiling.

Cinema Minneapolis

We are very excited to be screening April 28 with CINEMA MINNEAPOLIS - debuting right here in Seattle at the Grand Illusion. Cinema Minneapolis is a collection of humorous and critically-acclaimed films about underground metalheads, private investigators, non-Scandinavian families, and the cyclical nature of the world, from the cultural mecca of midwestern America. Check out the series trailer Saturday April 28 * 2pm * Driver 23 (Rolf Belgum, 2000) Whitney Biennial, Sundance Channel, Winner of 9 National/International Film Awards. Legendary film about an unknown heavy metal guitarist who struggles with all sorts of musical, physical and mental problems in his quest to finish his magnum opus